2PK-Bissell White 12″ Floor Polishing Pad

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Soft Polishing Pad in White This is the softest pad since there are no aggressive particles in it. It will not scratch any floor surface. Before using this or any pad, you should sweep or vacuum to remove loose particles. If a hard particle gets trapped under the pad it could scratch the floor. This pad is used to apply paste wax to uncoated wood floors. It will clean and polish any number of floors including wood (coated and uncoated), vinyl, linoleum and laminate. For cleaning vinyl, linoleum and laminate, you can use your favorite cleaner such as Bissell O Monster All Purpose Cleaner with the Orbiter and the white pad. The Orbiter floor machine does a much better job than a mop (sold separately). Includes one floor pad. Bissell Commercial 12 Inch White Polishing Pad, Each