3M Low-Speed High Productivity Floor Pad 7100, 20″ Diameter, Brown, 5/Carton (08448)

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Both aggressive and very conformable, 3M Brown Stripper Pad 7100 can be used in wet stripping, dry-foam stripping, and deep scrubbing processes, performing well even on bumpy, irregular, or worn floors. When used in a heavy-duty scrubbing process, the 3M Brown Stripping Pad 7100 will remove up to 2-4 coats of finish in preparation for refinishing. With appropriate cleaning chemicals, it can be used to clean heavily soiled hard-surface floors such as concrete. The pad is uniformly permeated throughout its open construction with resin and mineral abrasives, providing impressive performance and a long, useful life. Application: Stripping; Diameter: 20″; Height: 1″; Color(s): Brown.