Fieldworks Supply Microfiber Cleaning Cloth,Pack of 12,Size:11.81″ x 11.81″

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ULTRA SOFT MATERIAL & SCRATCH FREE – Ultra soft and highly absorbent microfiber cleaning cloths, cleans fine dust that cannot be seen with the naked eyes, great for cleaning windows, kitchenware, car or other delicate surfaces.ABSORBENT & LINT FREE – Made of 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon. These non-abrasive cleaning rags can soak up water from the countertop and tables instantly and without lint or streaks left behind. Cleans with or without water, with or without chemical cleaners, from worktops, appliances to kitchens, bathrooms, mirrors etc, they will make your house sparkling.TACKLE VERSATILE CLEANING JOBS -These premium microfiber towels capture dust, dirt and grime like a magnet, they are also perfect dish rags which don’t smell, removes grease and particles from microwave oven, plates, pots or pans effortlessly. Not only that, you will be amazed they are also terrific duster that removes fingertips from silverware and glasses easily and leaves your kitchen spotless.REUSABLE & LONG LASTING – These microfiber towels feature high quality stitching with reinforced edges that prevent unraveling, they are durable and made to last hundreds of washings. They are lightweight, super absorbent and dry quickly, use them everyday to enjoy your cleaning.USE & CARE – Comes with 7 colors . Always keep dry after use. Hand or machine wash with water below 40 separately from other items. Do not use fabric softener and bleach. Do not iron. Tumble dry low. Should you need any help about the product or after-sale service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for support and advice!CARE INSTRUCTIONS:-Hand or Machine wash at a temperature below 40 degrees in order to maintain the best possible cleaning effect of the cloths.-DO NOT BLEACH.The component of bleach is a strong oxidizer, which can destroy ultrafine fiber materials-DO NOT IRON.This will damage the cloth and affect its performance.-DO NOT DRYCLEAN.This will affect its service life.-According to your cleaning needs, both dry and wet can be used.SUPER ABSORBENTCompared with ordinary wipes, the microfiber cleaning cloth has extremely high water absorption, so it dries much faster, no matter how wet the items to be cleaned, it can quickly absorb water, exert its maximum effect, and look new again! It can be reused hundreds of times, saving a lot of money.SCRATCH-FREEThe soft, non-abrasive cleaning cloth will not scratch items, nor will it scrape paint, coatings or other surfaces. It can capture small dust and particles without leaving traces, allowing you to find the fun of doing housework!NO HARMFUL CHEMICALSReusable, durable and cost-effective microfiber cleaning wipes are made of safe and hygienic cleaning materials, do not contain any toxic chemical substances, extremely soft, skin-friendly, and do not hurt hands. Before the first use Rinse the cleaning cloth with clean water, which should be separated from other items.MULTIPLE COLOR SELECTIONYou can choose the color of the microfiber cloth according to the place to be cleaned and the type of dirt to specify their different specific uses,used them as kitchen towels, bathroom towels, floor mops, car towels, window/mirror cloths and other household cleaning products , So you dont have to worry about accidentally mixing up the wrong microfiber cloth.Size: Each cloth 30 x 30 cm/11.81″ x 11.81″