Access Plate – GREY – for Select Upright Vacuums

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Access Plate in GREY is located under the foot of the vacuum and holds the brush in place.
To access the brush and belt – this access plate needs to be removed. To remove from foot of machine, unplug the vacuum, turn over and unscrew (6) six Philips head screws to remove this cover.
This Access Plate fits several upright vacuum cleaners including:
CleanView Swivel Non-Rewind – Series 2252, 2316
PowerLifter Swivel Rewind – Series 2259
PowerEase Swivel Rewind – Series 2253
CleanView Swivel Rewind – Series 2254, 2256, 2258
PowerClean Swivel Rewind – Series 2256K
PowerLifter Swivel Non-Rewind – Series 2260