Amerec AK4.5 Steam Generator Pckg w/R30K Brushed Nickel Control & Free Steam Shower Cleaner

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The Amerec AK4.5 is designed for home and day spa steam baths with dimensions up to 90 adjusted cubic feet (ACF).The AK4.5 steam shower generator includes a stainless-steel tank, industrial-grade heating elements, modular snap-in control connections, durable electronics, an electronic water level control system, and several other innovative features.The Amerec AK4.5 is engineered to provide a consistent temperature and steam production each bathing session. The AK4.5 steam unit uses a Sequential Temperature Control to ensure an even flow of soft steam without unexpected temperature variations.Amerec AK Series steam generators are built to power the most demanding home and commercial steam rooms. The Amerec AK4.5s stainless steel tank and water level probes provide years of exceptional performance and worry-free operation. The AK4.5 steamer is equipped with removable heating elements for easy and economical service.The AK4.5 4.5kW steam generator is available in 240V (9012-100) or 208V (9012-200) and can be field wired for single-phase or three-phase configurations.The compact AK4.5 steam shower unit installs conveniently out of sight in cabinets, closets, vanities, and other similar locations.Health clubs, day spas, and homeowners rely on Amerec AK residential steam shower generators for low cost, efficiency and reliable daily use.