Aqua Power Quick-Dry Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine

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Messes happen, and carpets have a way of soaking up spots and stains to display for the world to see. If you want to keep all of your carpets looking good as new, look no further than the Aqua Power Quick-Dry Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine. With this storable, commercial carpet cleaner, you can combat ground in dirt, grime, and stains to get your carpet looking even cleaner than before the accident!If you?re a building owner, entrepreneur, or a homemaker looking to upgrade your cleaning supply closet, purchasing a professional carpet cleaner is a great way to take your property?s appearance into your own hands. Choosing a machine capable of easily getting your floors clean again allows you to move on to other important tasks more quickly.This carpet cleaner works with most any cleaning solution ? just pour it into the machine?s solution tank, push it over the desired area, and let the machine?s powerful steam jets and brushes do the work for you. Feel free to use your trusted brand of cleaning solution, but we would recommend 7-in-1 Carpet Care?s formulas to get your carpet as clean as can be.To prepare the Aqua Power Quick-Dry Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, simply fill the water bucket with hot tap water to the 2.5- or 3.5-gallon fill line, add the proper amount of solution, and plug it in after ensuring all switches are set to ?off?! Remember to check the warnings and instructions in the included owner?s manual to ensure you?re using the cleaner correctly for the best and safest results.The machine?s handle is adjustable for extra leverage or to maneuver around corners, and can be pivoted into a low-profile storage position. This flexible cleaning machine will fit nicely into any store of cleaning supplies and can adapt to the job at hand. With a deep cleaning hand tool and solution sprayer at the end of a 9-foot-long hose, the only limit to this machine?s cleaning power is its supply of elbow grease.The cleaner?s hand tool and hose are great for use on stairs and other hard-to-clean areas. The tool functions as a working upholstery kit that truly shines when tackling tough stains and spots on all of your upholstered surfaces. Just turn on the ?suction? and ?hand tool? switches and get to work powerfully cleaning your couches, cushions, stairs, or other household fabrics and suck up any residue to keep it clean. The hose and hand tool are detachable and easy to store separately, but simple to snap back on and use again! This maneuverable machine?s upholstery kit works great for carpets and fabrics in RVs, cars, trucks, boats, and anywhere else you need some deep and flexible cleaning.Don?t just take our word for it ? the Aqua Power Quick-Dry machine has received the prestigious Platinum Seal of Approval from the Carpet & Rug Institute. The CRI test for seven different criteria in all carpet cleaning products: efficacy at removing soil, soil tracking, residual moisture, surface appearance change, colorfastness, pH levels, and lack of optical brighteners. After being evaluated in each of those areas, this professional carpet cleaning machine was rated Platinum, the highest level of approval the CRI offers.You don?t have to scour local sites for cheap carpet machines for sale in your area, just place your order and let us deliver you a brand new, hard-working carpet cleaner that will get your carpets, stains, spots, and other messes sorted out right. For the best carpet cleaner for messes, large or small, try the Aqua Power Quick-Dry Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine!