Brush Roll for Select Stick Vacuums

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Brush Roll for Select BISSELL Stick Vacuums including PowerEdge Cordless, including Series 2900.
To maintain the Brush Roll, follow these steps:
Turn the machine OFF and press the foot release button to disconnect the motorized cleaning foot
Use flathead screwdriver or coin to twist the bottom screws counter-clockwise and release the brush roll side covers.
After turning the screws counter-clockwise pull the brush roll cover toward you and remove it from the floor nozzle.
Remove the brush roll. Push the end of the brush dowel to the left and lift the brush roll out of the foot.
After brush roll is removed clear any debris from the brush, brush housing, and air suction channel.
After clearing debris, place the brush roll cover back onto the floor nozzle
Attach and secure brush roll cover by using flathead screwdriver or coin to twist the screw clockwise.
Remove debris from brushes and rinse under warm water. Let dry for 24 hours.