Carbon Foam Filter for Select Robotic Vacuums | 1618516

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Carbon Foam Filter for select BISSELL Robotic Vacuums including EV675 Multi-Surface Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, series 2503 and CleanView Connect Robotic Vacuum, Series 2933. To access and clean the filters, follow these directions: Press the button on top of the dirt bin and pull to remove Open filter door by pulling both sides apart Empty the debris from the dirt bin Remove the filter cover, followed by the Carbon Foam and Pleated filters. Use the cleaning tool to brush the filter cover and filters. DO NOT WASH THE FILTERS!!! With filters removed, rinse the dirt bin with tap water. Ensure dirt bin is completely dry before re-installing. It is not necessary to wash every time. Once clean, re-install the filters and filter cover, close and push back into the unit. | Carbon Foam Filter for Select Robotic Vacuums | 1618516

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