Carpet Fixing Stickers Rug Grippers for Hardwood Floors,Carpet Gripper for Area Rugs Double Sided Anti Curling Non-Slip Washable and Reusable Pads for Tile Floors, Carpets, Floor Mats,Black

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installation method1. Place carpet or throw rug in desired place on floor.2. Pull back one corner or area of the carpet or throw rug.3. Remove the protective backing from one of the Rug Grippers.4. Adhere smooth surface directly to the underside of the carpet. (Textured side should be up).5. Place corner of the carpet or throw rug back in place and firmly press the corner so the textured side of gripper adhere directly to the floor.Care and handlingWash rug grippers with warm and soapy water;Gently remove grippers from floor and carpet;Rinse rug grippers air dry.Once dried ruggies are ready to be reused.Item Weight0.29IBPackage Dimensions5.9 x 5.1 x 0.5 inches