CDCLarue Pulse Bac PB-1050 Heavy Duty Dust Containment Wet Dry Vac Vacuum

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CDCLarue 20 Gallon Pulse-Bac 1050 Dust Collector Comes with a FREE 25 Hose! WORKS GREAT WITH ALL INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT GRINDERS / POLISHERS ETC.Model PB-1050 is a Hepa vacuum with a filter fractional efficiency rating of 98.0% @ .3 micron at a CFM flow rate of 170. The 1050 model comes standard with Hepa H-13filters, Pulse-Bac Technology, our Cyclonic Debris Management system, a 20 gal. powder coated tank and a 5 caster steel dolly. An optional tank capacity sensor and three options for collecting debris are also available.The 1050 can be used for the general cleanup of commercial properties, vacuuming hard surface sand carpets but is designed to be a dedicated dust collector for manufacturing machinery or hand held power tools and surface preparation equipment up to 20 in diameter. Our revolutionary design in vacuum filtration automatically flushes the filters clear while you work, using only ambient air and vacuum. This prevents the filters from facing with dust or debris and clogging during operation. Maintain peak performance with No blowers, shakers, compressors or buttons to push. Just turn it on and go to work Pulse-Bac technology does the rest.CDM Equipped Cyclonic Debris Management System reduces filter exposure to debris.Durable P.T.F.E. Coated Spun Bond Polyester filters capture dust particles to .3 micron and last 10x longer than conventional filters and are Hepa H-13 Rated.Sturdy wide-stance dolly for easy, yet stable maneuverability.A vacuum motor capable of generating 170 CFM (air flow) with 87 inches of lift (suction).TCS Equipped -The industrys first Tank Capacity Sensor is optional on all Series-1000 models. Provides both visual and audible warnings when the collection chamber reaches capacity.