Clean Tank – Blue – for Select Carpet Cleaners | 1626481

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Clean Tank Assembly in Blue for Select BISSELL Carpet Cleaners, including TurboClean DualPro Pet Carpet Cleaner, series 3067, 3072. Follow these instructions to fill the clean water tank. NOTE: Fill with warm (140 F / 60 C MAX) tap water and add the appropriate BISSELL formula. Do not use boiling water. Do not heat water or tank in microwave. The Clean Water Tank is on the top of the machine. Lift the Clean Water Tank straight up to remove from the machine. Unscrew the yellow cap from the Clean Water Tank. Fill the Clean Water Tank with water and formula, following Fill lines on the tank. Screw the cap back onto the Clean Water Tank. Align tank with grooves on the machine. Slide tank down into place. | Clean Tank – Blue – for Select Carpet Cleaners | 1626481

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