Deep Reach Pet Tool for Carpet Cleaning Machines | 2037412

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Handheld cleaning attachment removes dirt and stains buried deep within carpet fibers. Stain Removal in 3 Easy Steps: 1. Extra-long rubber needles shoot formula into the bottom of carpets and rugs to target the root of the stain 2. Gentle scrub brushes help break up dirt and debris 3. Powerful suction lifts stains away. Features 2 rows of needles with 2 rows of brush bristles beneath them. Tool is compatible with all BISSELL carpet cleaning machines. How it works: Connect the tool to your BISSELL deep cleaning hose. Set tool directly on top of stain and push needles deep into your carpet. Pull trigger to spray a mist of formula and water onto stain. Release the trigger, and gently scrub the stain with brush bristles. Move tool slowly over soiled area and watch as powerful suction lifts stains, dirt and water away. The Deep Reach Pet Tool helps you clean pet stains from stairs, upholstery and other hard-to-reach places. This tool has revolutionary deep injection technology that cleans the carpet from the bottom up so that you can quickly and thoroughly remove pet stains. For faster removal of deep down pet stains, use with your BISSELL carpet cleaning machine to remove those pesky, embedded carpet stains from the bottom up. Watch the Deep Reach Pet Tool in action! | Deep Reach Pet Tool for Carpet Cleaning Machines | 2037412

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