Docking Station for Select Robotic Vacuums | 1624770

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Docking Station for Select BISSELL Robotic Vacuums, including the BISSELL SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum, Series 2859, 3115. Follow these instructions for Docking and Charging your Robot: Note: The Docking Station and Docking Tray must be installed on a hard surface. The robot’s soft surface sensors prevent it from cleaning carpets and area rugs in mop mode. Be sure the device is near your WiFi router and the robot is fully charged or in the dock during the paring process. Place the back of the Docking Tray firmly against a wall. Ensure there are at least 40 inches to one side, 40 inches to the opposing side and no obstructions in the front. Tip the Docking Station into the Docking Tray. Insert the Docking Station Power Adapter plug into the port on the side of the Docking Station. Plug the other end into the wall outlet. Turn the robot ON and put it on the Docking Station. The first charge will take 4-5 hours. | Docking Station for Select Robotic Vacuums | 1624770

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