Docking Station ICONpet Robotic Vacuum | 1618621

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Docking Station for the BISSELL ICONpet Robotic Vacuum. Follow these instructions for Docking and Charging your Robot: To help the robot find its home, we recommend at least 40 inches (1 meter) of space between the dock and any walls or obstacles around it. Choose a spot with a good WiFi signal in your home. Set up the dock in a central part of your home to help improve docking success. For best docking performance, dock should be on hard floor surface. Robot may spend up to 20 minutes searching for dock when the battery is low. Plug the Power Adapter into the wall and the back of the dock. The light will illuminate when the dock is ON. Turn the Power Switch on the bottom of the robot ON (I). Place the robot on the dock. The Battery Status Light will flash to indicate charging. Charge for 4 hours for maximum cleaning time. | Docking Station ICONpet Robotic Vacuum | 1618621

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