Filter Assembly for Select Stick Vacuums | 1616324

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Filter Assembly includes the Dirt Cup Filter and Mesh Screen for Select Stick Vacuums including Adapt Ion and PowerLifter Ion Stick Vacs, Series 2286, 2482. To clean the Filter & Screen follow these instructions: Turn the power OFF and remove the Dirt Tank Grasp filter tabs and lift up to remove the washable filter assembly from the Dirt Cup Grip the filter assembly and turn counter-clockwise and lift down to remove filter from filter screen Tap against the inside of a waste container, removing any visible dirt Replace filter back in the filter screen then turn clockwise to lock into place Attach filter assembly back into the dirt tank and attach to hand vacuum until it snaps securely in place. NOTE: You may rinse the filter and filter screen in warm water to clean. The filter and filter screen need to be 100% dry before next use. The key to maximum performance is having a clean filter. Cleaning the filter after each use will help your vacuum operate at peak efficiency. | Filter Assembly for Select Stick Vacuums | 1616324

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