Filter for AirRam Stick Vacuum | 1611215

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Foam Filter for the AirRam Stick Vacuums. Does NOT include the inner shroud, this must be purchased separately. Clean the filters at least once a month. More frequent filter cleaning may be necessary depending on your usage and environment. Cleaning filters: Firmly hold the AirRam with one hand and pull the dirt bin handle and lift the dirt bin out of the AirRam. Pull the filter out of the dirt bin. Tap the dirt from the filter and tap any dirt from the filter housing. Wash the filter if necessary Firmly hold the filter and with the other hand grasp the separator cap. Gently pull the filter and separator cap apart (Gently twisting and pulling with help separate the two parts) You may gently wash the filter under warm water. Do not use detergent or soaps. The filter must be completely dry before reinserting into the AirRam | Filter for AirRam Stick Vacuum | 1611215

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