Furniture Pads 136 Pieces Pack Self Adhesive Felt Pad Brown Felt Furniture Pads 5mm Thick Anti Scratch Floor Protectors for Chair Legs Feet with Case and 30 Rubber Bumpers for Hardwood Tile Wood

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Avoid ruining the beauty and value of your home with scratches on your floors. Hardwood, laminate and tile floors can very easily be damaged by furniture without the proper leg padding. Even the most beautiful home can look shabby and unkempt if the flooring is scratched and scuffed.How much time, effort and money will it cost to have all the scratches removed? With our premium furniture pads in place your hardwood, laminate and tile floors will be protected from scratches and scuffs from furniture. Even slightly rearranging furniture on hardwood floors can cause severe damage, which would cost a fortune to have sanded and refinished. Protect your wooden, laminate or tile floors with our top-quality premium furniture pads.PROTECT EVERY FLOOR & SURFACE IN YOUR HOME Our premium felt furniture pads will protect your floors from the type of scratches and marring that can occur with everyday use, while minimizing the noise and friction as well. This is how easy it is to use our furniture pads to protect your floors: 1. Make sure the furniture leg surface where the furniture pad will be is clean, dry and smooth. 2. Cut the furniture pad to size if needed, remove the paper and press in place for 10 seconds. 3. After pressing the furniture pad in place let it stand for the next 24 hours without moving. 4. Do not use this furniture pad as a furniture mover or slider. 5. Keep away from infants, children and pets.Package includes: 52 – 1 inch round felt furniture pads for chairs and arm-chairs 20 – 1.5 inch round felt furniture pads for tables 4 – 2 inch round felt furniture pads for beds, cabinets and dressers 28 – 1×1 inch square felt furniture pads for arm-chairs, coffee tables 2 – 4×6 inch rectangle furniture pads for heavy furniture. You can scissor out the right shape and size. 30 – 0.4 inch Rubber Bumper pads for vases, doors, drawers and kitchen cabinets.