Furniture Pads 215 pcs X-PROTECTOR Best Felt Furniture Pads – Furniture Floor Protectors Felt Pad -Premium Furniture Felt Pads – Chair Leg Floor Protectors Felts Furniture Feet +64 Rubber Bumpers Pads

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How much efforts and money will You spend for remove scratches from the floor in Your homea Do you like loud noise of Your cabinet doorsa WANT TO STOP ITa X-PROTEcTOR FURNITURE FLOOR PROTEcTORS AND cLEAR NOISE-DAMPINg RUBBER DOOR BUMPERS PROTEcT ALL FURNITURE & FLOORS! MAIN ADVANTAgES OF FELT FURNITURE PADS X- PROTEcTOR : HIgH QUALITY – our wood floor protectors are made of premium felt and gives to Your floor SOLID PROTEcTION against the ANY ScRATcHES – perfect protection for Wood, Tile, Laminate, carpet floors. TENAcIOUS ADHESIVE – X-PROTEcTOR felts furnitures protector has strong adhesive which TIgHTLY HOLD FURNITURE FELT PADS for a long period of time. PAcK OF 151 BROWN FELT FURNITURE PADS – FLOOR PROTEcTORS FOR FURNITURE LEgS – (32) 3/8, (40) , (24) 1, (24) 1×1, (8) 1 , (8) 2, (14) 2 x , (1) 4 1/3×6. Its perfect for all Your furniture – bed, couch, stools, dinning chairs, table, sofa, recliner, ottoman, etc. MAIN ADVANTAgES OF RUBBER DOOR BUMPERS: TENAcIOUS ADHESIVE – our premium clear silicone bumpers with strong adhesive easily attach to any hard surface and wouldnt come off as other cheap bumpers. PROTEcTION FROM LOUD NOISE AND DUMPINg DOORS – put our transparent rubber bumpers everywhere You need (door, cabinet, drawer, glass products, cutting board, sliding door, audio & video, etc) and IT WILL BRINg SILENcE to Your Home & Office. LONg LIFE OF YOUR FURNITURE – our small ingenious silicone bumpers 64 pcs (0.18 high) will help Your cabinets, furniture & dcor to serve You for longer period. IF YOU WOULDNT LIKE TO cONSTANTLY HAVE DEAL WITH ScRATcHES ON HARDWOOD FLOOR AND LOUD NOISE OF DOORS OF cABINETS, PRESS THE BUTTON ADD TO cART RIgHT NOW! MAKE YOUR FURNITURE BETTER WITH FURNITURE FELT PADS X-PROTEcTOR!SKU:TOOLSB072FS2413