Hi.FANCY Floor Mat with Nail Protective Chair Pad Anti-slip Scratch-resistant Floor Carpet for Home

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Description:This floor mat is made of high-grade PVC material, which is durable and reliable for long-term use.This pad can block the surface of objects and keep your floor in perfect condition when your furniture is moving on the floor.With this protective pad, it can effectively protect you from slipping while sitting on a chair.The floor mat with nail will give your floor and furniture the best protection, suitable for home use.This floor pad reduces friction between chair and the floor, protecting floor from frequent scratch.Specifications:Material: PVC.Dimensions: (47.24×35.43×0.098) inch/ (120x90x0.25)cm (L x W x H).Weight: 6.61 lbs / 3 kg.Color: Transparent.The mat has two sides, one is a textured plane, the other is a nail surface.Because of weather changes, the mat is irregular when it is just taken out. Please iron it with boiled water, and then put the mat down and press it with heavy objects for 3-5 days. The mat will be smooth.NoteThis mat is only suitable for tiles, concrete floors and carpets. It cannot be used directly on wooden floors, otherwise the floor will be scratched by nails on the mat.Package Includes:1x Floor pad with nail.