Kalorik Bagless Cordless Allergen Filter Robotic Vacuum

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Discover the most hands-off way to keep your home clean and your air pure without ever lifting a finger. This intelligent robot vacuum uses powerful Ionic Air Purifying Technology to efficiently trap dust, dirt, hair, allergens and other impurities, improving air quality for easy breathing. This advanced filtration system works by generating negative ions which magnetically attract airborne pollutants and remove them from the air to keep you from breathing those particles in. The Kalorik Robot Vacuum with Ionic Air Purifier features four smart cleaning modes, including auto sweep, focus sweep, random sweep and remote-operated manual control. Intelligent navigation with anti-fall sensors keep vacuum away from edges to prevent falling. Its slim, low-profile design fits in tight spaces and can even vacuum the edges of your room. Plus, emptying your vacuum easier than ever Simply dump out the contents from its canister no bags, no mess.