Multi-Surface Brush Roll for Select Stick Vacuums

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Brush Roll fits Select Stick Vacuums including Adapt Ion and PowerLifter Ion Stick Vacuums, Series 2286, 2482.
To maintain the brush roll follow these instructions:
Make sure the vacuum is OFF. Press the vacuum foot release button to disconnect it from the vacuum
Turn the foot over and locate the Brush Roll Cover Tab, use a coin to remove the brush roll cover tab by turning counter-clockwise to unlock
Slide the tab down to remove and lift the cover piece
Grasp the brush roll to remove it from the foot window area
Clean off hair and debris from brush.
Place cleaned brush roll back into foot of unit and use a coin to turn lock clockwise to lock into place
If the brush roll stops spinning due to debris, the LED light will turn solid red
Always be sure the Brush Roll Cover Tab is locked into place to avoid breaking or having a faulty brush roll.