Non Slip Furniture Pad Grippers, 24×2” Rubber Feet Furniture Stoppers – Ideal Furniture Feet Floor Protectors for Hardwood Floors ?

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The most of floor scratches are caused by furniture sliding around without any padded protection.Fixing scratches on hardwood floors would be costly and time-consuming. BufferABC non slip furniture pads create a cheap and simple solution to protect your floors from furniture scratches, save your money and time! High Quality Self-Adhesive Non Slip Furniture Pads: Our furniture floor protectors with EVA materials and premium STRONG FELT guarantee great fixing on the floor and perfect protection for any type of hard surfaces (hardwood, laminate, tile, stone, marbleetc) from damage.TENACIOUS ADHESIVE on top. Our product has a great top layer of adhesive that carefully holds them on the furniture leg. This allows them not to come off from your sofa or couch feet when you move it!PREMIUM SOLID THICK FELT in Middle layer. This felt provides a reliable point of support to your furniture and strong protection from the pressure of your furniture on the floor.EVA RUBBER FOAM BASE in bottom gives to absolutely tightly keep furniture in place. Moreover, it makes this product extremely effective with fixing in place ALL the furniture, which shouldn’t be moved often.BufferABC? IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK, WE GUARANTEE 100% SATISFACTION WITH OUR PREMIUM NON SLIP PADS! IF YOU don’t LIKE OUR FURNITURE PADS – WE WILL REFUND YOUR MONEYDo’s and Dont’s? Clean the surface of object before attaching.? After pressing the furniture pad in place let it stand for the next 24 hours without moving.? Do not use this furniture pad as a furniture mover or slider.? Please do not use in the place near the fire or moisture.? Keep away from infants, children and pets, aviod children’s touch.? Do not use for other purposes.