Non Slip Furniture Pads Premium 16 pcs 2?! Best SelfAdhesive Furniture Grippers – Furniture Stoppers for Furniture Feet – Ideal Furniture Non Slip Pads & Furniture Floor Protectors

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SCRATCHES, SCRATCHES, SCRATCHES….it’s made floor in Your lovely home. And moreover – Your bed is sliding from the wall to the wall all the time. How much nervous do you spend every time when it happens? JUST STOP IT NOW WITH NON-SKID FURNITURE PADS X-PROTECTOR! MAIN ADVANTAGES OF ANTI SLIP FURNATURE PADS X- PROTECTOR:HIGH QUALITY – our anti skid floor protectors are made by new TRIPLE TECHNOLOGY with two layers of soft rubber and high-quality heavy duty felt between them. It makes soft and strong grip for fixing of any furniture on the floor surface.TENACIOUS ADHESIVE – FORGET ABOUT COME OFF PADS! Our thick rubber pads X-PROTECTOR are SELF ADHESIVE to stay in place – it does not allow them to come off from furniture legs and it doesn’t matter it is heavy item or not.STRONG AND SOFT PROTECTION FOR YOUR LOVELY FLOOR – our nonskid rubber pads X-PROTECTOR have new strong and damping construction and they provide the best careful protection for all types of Your lovely floor – Hardwood, Laminate, Tile, etc. Just put it under the furniture to prevent sliding!TWO FORMATS – Your sofa has round legs, dining chairs and large bed have square legs? We know of individual needs of our client and give You square and round pads for two most popular format of non skid furniture leg covers. IF YOU DON’T LIKE CONSTANTLY TO HAVE DEAL WITH SLIDING AND SCRATCHING YOUR LOVELY FLOOR FURNITURE, PRESS THE BUTTON ADD TO CART RIGHT NOW! ELIMINATE THE POSSIBILITY OF SLIDING WITH NON-SLIP FURNITURE PADS X-PROTECTOR!