Reflections Royal Purple Multi-Surface and Floor Cleaner Lavender Streak-Free Natural Formula

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This Multi-Purpose Cleaner is ideal for cleaning almost any Hard Surface in your home. Use it on the Kitchen sink, greasy stovetops, even as a Floor Cleaner. It will instantly bring back life to almost any floor to make it look new. Revive and fills scratches, brings back shine, and protects against stains with one easy application. It guarantees a deep clean result; this is because it is made with concentrated chemicals that easily cut through stains. This cleaner is enriched with strong acids that help to cut oily stains that are difficult to clean with ordinary soaps or detergents. Perfect for Wood laminates, hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tiles, marble, slate, concrete, parquet flooring. This versatile formula wipes dirt, Mud, paw prints, and other Pet messes across a variety of surfaces such as hardwood Floors, Tile, Laminate, and area rugs. Works all around the house floors! Use on everything from linoleum to tile and finished hardwood floors etc.