rmr-86 pro instant mold stain & mildew stain remover – contractor grade cleaning solution, professional quality formula, odor removal, 2.5 gallon

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The mold and mildew stain and odor removal solution for professionalsRMR-86 PRO is our most powerful mold stain cleaner. It will deeply penetrate tough to remove mold and mildew stains and lingering odors instantly using a unique hybrid of pure sodium hypochlorite. The deep-cleaning action breaks apart stubborn stains embedded in wood substrates, floor joist, wall studs, drywall, concrete, vinyl, tile & grout, dissolving them quickly and easily, while removing all visual stains left behind from mold and mildew.Contractor grade formula for multiple surfaces RMR-86 PRO is an indispensable stain remover for those deeply embedded stubborn mold stains. Our professional grade formula is handy for keeping office buildings, remodels, recreation areas, commercial kitchens, and public restrooms stain free. Remove tough stains from patio or deck areas, wood or concrete floors in the basement, damp brick walls or pathways, kitchen cabinets, bathroom tiles and other areas where mold and mildew tend to grow at a rapid pace.