Separator Assembly for Select Stick Vacuums

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Separator Assembly is BLACK AND SILVER fits inside the Dirt Tank of Select BISSELL Stick Vacuums including PowerEdge Cordless Stick Vacs, Series 2900.
To empty the dirt tank, you must remove the separator from the dirt tank. Here’s how:
Turn OFF your machine.
Remove the Dirt Tank from the Hand Vacuum by pressing the Tank Release Button on the front of the tank.
Grab the middle grip of the filter and pull up. This will activate a wiping feature to remove debris from the mesh filter screen. Twisting the grip will remove the filter only.
Fully remove the separator from the tank and tap the mesh screen on the side of the trash bin.
Dump dirt from the tank into the trash bin.
Slide the separator back into the tank, ensuring the notch is seated into the tank correctly.
Reattach tank by guiding the bottom into the hook on the hand vacuum. Push into place.