Symphony Pet & Steam Mop Water Bundle | B0072

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Save 10% when you purchase this bundle. The unique design of the BISSELL Symphony Pet All-in-one Steam Cleaner combines a pet vacuum with a pet steam cleaner giving you the ability to vacuum pet hair and debris and steam clean your hard floors at the same time and is safe to use around kids and pets because it uses just water to naturally sanitize floors, which eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria.*. Add one of our three scented waters to leave behind a refreshing fragrance as you clean. Key Features Hands-Free Emptying An easier way to empty your dirt tank without getting your hands dirty. Dry-Tank Technology Keeps moisture out so your dirty tank is completely dry. Mop Pad Kit Accessory includes (1) washable soft mop pad and (1) washable scrubby mop pad. Odor Eliminating Scent Discs (8 pk) Insert into mop pad to help remove the smell of pet odors while steam cleaning. Swiffer BISSELL STEAMBOOST Kit Includes a STEAMBOOST tray and (4) Disposable STEAMBOOST pads. Use to clean your pet messes you’d rather throw away. | Symphony Pet & Steam Mop Water Bundle | B0072

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