TECH Floor Cleaner For Tile, Vinyl & LVT Floors 128 oz – pH Balanced Low Streak Formula

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TECHFloor Cleaner for Tile & Vinyl is pH balanced to safely clean tile, vinyl, natural stone and travertine floors. Our unique drying agents ensure that your floors are moisture free quicker than other branded floor cleaners and without the build-up of cleaners that use pine oils. Leaves a pleasant fresh scent. TECHFloor Cleaner for Tile & Vinyl is a versatile, multi-use floor cleaner for daily maintenance as well as periodic thorough cleaning to quickly remove abrasive soils and salts that can damage your floors. TECHFloor Cleaner for Tile & Vinyl dries quickly without leaving any residue, streaking and requires no rinsing required if used as directed.Do not use more product than directed as this may cause streaking. Allow floor to completely dry before use as floor may become slippery when wet.