Wall Mount with 2 Tool Holders for Select Stick Vacuums

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Wall Mount with 2 Tool Holders fits Select BISSELL Stick Vacuums Including Series, 2903, 29032, 29037, 29038, 3080.
To install the Wall Mount, follow these instructions:
Install your Wall Storage and Charging Station at least 4 feet to allow the machine to hang comfortably.
Using a level, mark the screw hole locations on the wall with a pencil.
Insert tool holder on the side of the wall mount.
Screw the wall mount into a wall. Ensure the mount is high enough up off the ground for the vacuum to hang comfortably. Screwing into a wall stud will provide best support.
To install the charging cord, remove the power cable clip from the Wall Storage & Charging Station.
Insert the charging cord.
Secure the cable with the charging cable clip.
Hang the vacuum on the center storage piece and insert tools on the tool holder provided. Plug the power adapter into the wall and place the machine on the Wall Storage & Charging Station for charging.