ZENSTYLE Adjustable Floor Chair Bed Couch Recliner Lazy Seat Sofa Chair Adjustable 14-Position Folding Gaming Lounger Padding Seat Backrest Indoor Blue

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This floor chair made from dutch velvet, the seat cushion is filled with pp cotton. Overstuffed construction for excellent comfort and longevity, comfortable padding for any area of your home. The Folding Floor Seat Can Adjust The Refined Angle According To Your Own preferences, the height of the highest point of the 14-speed seat back from the ground. This gamers chair take up less space. Store it with ease by folding it flat and stowing it under a bed or sofa! When you’re gaming, maximum comfort is a must, this floor chair folding gaming comes with a back support that prevents slouching, promotes healthy posture, and helps prevent back pain. The surface of this item has 18 lattice, and simple one color design, it could suit for different home decorate style. Is comfortable floor seating for reading, Relaxing, Watching tv, Seminars or discussion groups in the office.